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1. Once you get to know your mistakes, you should _____them as soon as possible.

A. rectify B. reclaim C. refrain D. reckon [CET-6,2001,1]

2. We'll be very careful and keep what you've told us strictly _____.

A. private B. rigorous C. mysterious D. confidential [CET-6,2002,1]

3. Before every Board meeting, it is customary for the ______ of the previous meeting to be read out.

A. minutes B. precis C. notes D. protocol

4. He was barred from the club for refusing to _____with the rules.

A. conform B. abide C. adhere D. comply

5. The girl was ________ a shop assistant; she is now a manager in a large department store.

A. presumably B. preliminarily C. formally D. formerly [CET-6,1995,6]

6. Although the heavy rain stopped, it was at least an hour later that the flood began to _____.

A. retire B. recede C. recline D. retreat

7. That ancient car of his is a ________ joke among his friends.

A. steady B. standing C. settled D. stable

8. Whether their football team will win is a matter of _______ to me.

A. discrimination B. deviation C. indifference D. interests [CET-6,1996,6]

9. They threw petrol onto the bonfire and the sudden _______ lit up the whole garden.

A. glow B. twinkle C.spark D. flare

10. He answers questions about how to keep _____ meats from becoming tough when braising.

A. tender B. vulgar C. mild D. frail

11. The original elections were declared _____ by the former military ruler.

A. void B. vulgar C. surplus D. extravagant [CET-6,1994,1]

12. In the blazing heat of midday, the dog lay by the side of the boad,its mouth open _______.

A. yawning B. panting C. surplus D. sniffing

13. Humidity is so intense in some parts of the tropos that Europeans find they are unable to ______ it.

A. maintain B. persist C. endure D. sustain

14. At school he had a good academic record, and also ______ at sports.

A. prevailed B. achieved C. surpassed D. excelled

15. The lecture ______ from prehistory to modern times and gave the audience much to think about.

A. covered B. included C. ranged D. dealt

16. All the guests were invited to attend the wedding _____ and had a very good time.

A. feast B. festival C. recreation D. congratulation [CET-6,2001,1]

17. Why should anyone want to read _____ of books by great authors whom the real pleasure comes from reading the originals?

A. themes B. insights C. digests D. leaflets [CET-6,1997,6]

18. His letter was in such a casual scrawl and in such pale ink that it was _______ .

A. doubrful B. ambigous C. obscure D. illegible

19. The human voice often sounds ______ in the telephone.

A. twisted B. irregular C. distorted D. deformed

20. When there's a doubt, the chairman's decision is _____ .

A. fight B. definite C. fixed D. final


1. 答案选 A 。

A. rectify:改正 B. reclaim:要求收回,重得 C. refrain:(正式)克制,抑制 D. reckon:推断,考虑,计算

2. 答案选 D。

A. private:私下的,不公开的 B. rigorous:精确的,严峻的 C. mysterious:神秘的 D. confidential:秘密的,机密的

3.答案选 A。

A. minutes:会议记录 B. precis:摘要 C. notes笔记 D. protocol:法案,议案

4. 答案选 D。

A. conform:(to)遵守 B. abide:(by)遵守 C. adhere:(to)遵守 D. comply:(with)遵守

5. 答案选D。

A. presumably:据推测 B. preliminarily:初步地 C. formally:正式的 D. formerly:以前,从前

6. 答案选B。

A. retire:退休 B. recede(洪水)退下 C. recline:向后靠,斜倚 D. retreat:撤退

7. 答案选 B。

A. steady:平稳的 B. standing joke:习惯用法,老笑话 C. settled:解决 D. stable:稳定的

8. 答案选C.

A. discrimination:歧视,偏见 B. deviation:偏差,误差 C. indifference:不关心,不重视 D. interests:兴趣

9. 答案选D。

A. glow:灼热,发光 B. twinkle:(星星、眼睛等)闪耀,闪烁 C.spark:火星 ,火花 D. flare:火焰

10. 答案选A。

A. tender:温柔的 tender meat 嫩肉 B. vulgar:轻柔的,柔软的 C. surplus:(脾气、天气等)温和的 D. extravagant:脆弱的,易碎的

11. 答案选A。

A. void:(法律上)无效的 B. vulgar:粗俗和 C. surplus:多余的,剩余的 D. extravagant:奢侈浪费的,昂贵的

12. 答案选B。

A. yawning:打哈欠 B. panting:(张口)喘气 C. surplus:叹气 D. sniffing:嗅,喷鼻息

13. 答案选 C。

A. maintain:维持,保养 B. persist:坚持,持续 C. endure:忍受,容忍 D. sustain:支撑,赡养

14. 答案选D。

A. prevailed (over/against)优胜 B. achieved:成就,成功地做 C. surpassed:超越,超过 D. excelled(at/in):优胜,杰出

15. 答案选C.

A. covered:覆盖,包括 B. included:包括,包含 C. ranged(from...to):涉及 D. dealt(with):处理,处置

16. 答案选A。

A. feast:盛筵 B. festival:节日 C. recreation:休闲,娱乐 D. congratulation:祝贺

17. 答案选C。

A. themes:主题 B. insights:见解,洞察力 C. digests:文摘,摘要 D. leaflets:传单

18. 答案选D。

A. doubtful:怀疑的 B. ambigous:含糊的 C. obscure:难懂的,朦胧不清的 D. illegible:(字迹)模糊难辨的

19. 答案选C。

A. twisted:扭曲的 B. irregular:不规则的 C. distorted:变形的, 失真的 D. deformed:畸形的

20. 答案选D。

A. fight:正确的 B. definite:明确的 C. fixed:固定的 D. final:最后的,最终的

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